How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back


What you should first do if you broke up with your girlfriend is to slow down everything. There is a very small chance to get your ex back immediately, so you must calm down, think your next steps and be prepared for a long process until you see results.

Chances of reconciliation depend in how a man behaves the first moments after a breakup. His success opportunities can be lost if he makes certain mistakes the first days after the separation.

The most common mistake men make is to call their ex girlfriend immediately after the breakup, and what is worst, almost every day or several times a day. If you do that, the most common result is that she will become more angry and distant, and she won't get back.

Have you ever asked yourself:   "How to get my ex girlfriend back ?"
The best first move after a break up is to stop communication with your ex girlfriend and start focusing on your personal life. There is a higher probability to win an ex back if you show the other person you are doing well, perhaps starting to do exercise or a new activity or course, than if you abandon yourself, being depressed all day.

Going out with another girl to make your ex girlfriend jealous is a very bad idea.  If your ex sees you with another girl she will think you have started a new life and will try to do the same.

What should you do if your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend or is dating with someone else ?  Although it may seem the end of your hopes, following the correct steps you can get your ex back.

How do you decide the right time to have sex during the reconciliation process ?  Men tend to speed up this process and this is a great way to destroy the chance of making up. Other decision you have to make is when and how to apologize. There is a correct way to do it, and it is not always effective.

Is there any impossible situation ?  Most cases have a solution, but you should follow a plan to get your ex girlfriend back and perhaps be able to help a friend when he asks you:  How to get my ex girlfriend back ?